EURL activities for the current working period (2019 - 2020) are classified in four groups:


To ensure availability and use of high quality methods and to ensure high quality performance by NRLs. 

Sub-activity 1.1. EURL will provide NRLs with details and guidance on the methods, on the methods of laboratory analysis, testing or diagnosis, including reference methods. 

Sub-activity 1.2. Providing reference materials (fungal and oomycete strains and DNA) available to NRLs upon request.

Sub-activity 1.3. Organization of inter laboratory proficiency tests.

Sub-activity 1.4. Production and validation of diagnostic methods for the detection of regulated or emerging fungi and oomycetes.


To provide scientific and technical assistance to the European Commission (EC) and other organizations.

Sub-activity 2.1. Scientific and technical assistance to the EC on all aspects on fungi and oomycetes regarding to laboratory activities of diagnostic carried out by NRLs.

Sub-activity 2.2. Collaboration with European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) and third countries.

Sub-activity 2.3. Assistance to EC in case of disease outbreaks and emergency diagnosis of fungal and oomycete diseases.



To provide scientific and technical assistance to NRLs.

Sub-activity 3.1. Information on advances in diagnostic methods.

Sub-activity 3.2. Organization of annual training courses to NRLs staff, and other official laboratories and experts from third countries.

Sub-activity 3.3. Updating NRLs about the latest research on fungal diseases, discuss technical questions and ensure international cooperation within NRLs.

Sub-activity 3.4. Improving skills of the EURL staff, to ensure maintenance of professional skills and a high level of competence.


To provide a reference collection of fungal and oomycete isolates and a list of reagents.

Sub-activity 4.1. Coordinating or performing tests for the validation and verification of reagents used in diagnostic activities by NRLs.

Sub-activity 4.2. Establishing an EURL reference collection of fungal and oomycete strains available to NRLs upon request, as a support to their activities.

Sub-activity 4.3. Preparation of an up-to-date list about reagents and suppliers validated in the original diagnostic protocols, available through the EURL website.