EURL for fungi and oomycetes website is opened

The EURL for fungi and oomycetes website is operative from 26th of September 2019. The aim of this website is to be a source or information for the general public, as well as the meeting point for all European National Reference Laboratories (EU NRLs) in mycology. For this, a common working space has been created, called 'NRLs Workspace', available for NRLs staff after registration on the website. To register to the website, please, send us an email with your request, indicating your NRL, and we will send you an activation key, needed to complete the formulary to open an account.

The main services available through the website are:

  • General information about EU regulations about plant health.
  • EURL missions and work plan for the current working period.
  • EU NRLs network and contact details.
  • Information about past and future trainings and workshops organized by the EURL for fungi and oomycetes.
  • Organization of proficiency tests. Access and registration to LEILA platform, a software to perform proficiency tests. 
  • Information about the EURL fungal and oomycete collection and request of strains.
  • EU quarantine fungal pathogens list.
  • Link to EPPO and IPPC diagnostic protocols for the quarantine organisms listed by EU and in our work program.
  • Lists of validated and approved reagents for diagnostic purposes.
  • Diagnostic protocols, validated by the EURL. 
  • EURL monthly newsletter addressed to NRLs, with information about EURL activities and updates on plant pathology (new research published, new protocols, ...).

To contact us, we have a corporate email address,, and a twitter account (@EURL_fungi).